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What Is An Aura ?

Dictionaries describe the aura as being an invisible emanation of energy that surrounds living things.

There is an energy field surrounding everything, animals, plants, rocks, people even inanimate objects are surrounded by an emanation of energy, known as the aura. The aura reflects all subtle life energies from every cell in their body, it is connected to the body, one may think of it in terms of an extension, rather than a separate energy field. The energy activity flowing through the aura reflect personalities, lifestyles, thoughts and emotions as well as our mental states, physical fitness and spiritual wellbeing. The word aura comes form the Greek work avra, meaning breeze.

Some people believe the aura is:

1. An electro-magnetic phenomenon.

2. The spark of life that houses our higher consciousness, and provides the necessary energies for our lives to function.

3. A reflection of ourselves, a repository of our past, present and future.

In essence our own aura is our own highly individual surrounding energy band, it is a sophisticated energy field, with at least seven different layers. Each of these layers deals with different aspects of ourselves, our aura constantly changes, expanding and contracting as we go through the changes of our lives.

The aura also contains colour, the ability to see auras is a type of clairvoyance, throughout history certain individuals have been able to see auras. Clairvoyance means ‘clear or far seeing‘, it is also called second sight. Many people believe that every one can be taught to feel and see auras, however those with clairvoyant gifts can go further and interpret or read the aura, for healing and spiritual purposes, such as seeing or feeling past lives, spirit guides and guardian angels.

Aura through History

The Art of Stone Age Man: Many stone age paintings depict auras around people, some images show a person wearing an unusual form of head attire, others display an aura surrounding an entire body.

Photo Above Left:  Val Camonica region of Northern Italy, more images can be viewed at:

Photo Above Right:  Australian Stamp, Aboriginal Wandinja cave paintings, more images can be viewed at:

Shaman Societies and Ancient Cultures

Many shamanic based cultures use ceremonial headdresses in their ceremonial practises.

Auras are mentioned in sacred books of every culture. Homer the Greek writer described the aura as a ‘luminous nebula from the divine essence’.

Many cultures believe the aura is the home of the true life force.

The Seven Auric Fields

The Physical Aura  Health 
Auric Field 1.  This layer is closest to the body and represents health.  The physical aura is either bright white, milky yellow or pale blue.  It extends from the body 3 cm to 5 cm.

The Etheric Auric Body  Memories
This auric layer has 2 bands:
Auric Field 2. 
The first is a replica of the physical aura..  Usually seen as a silvery, misty, blue contour encasing the physical auric band, extending about 10 cm from the physical auric layer.

Auric field 3. 
The second layer is called the etheric double, it performs in a cycle, expanding, recharging and revitalising during sleep, and contracting and draining during waking hours.  This is the auric fields memory bank, a repository that stays with the person from one life time to another.  It shows the eternal self, this layer memorises the entire life of the person, and carries off the soul at the time of death.  This auric field is where childhood experiences and past lives can be viewed.  The etheric auic body field contains beautiful luminescent colours.

The Vital Auric Body  Vitality
Auric Field 4.

The Astral Auric Body  Emotions
Auric Field 5.

The Lower Mental Auric Body  Thoughts 
Auric Field 6

The Higher Mental Body  Inspiration 
Auric Field 7

The Chakras

The chakras are the seven power centres located alongside the spinal column in the etheric auric field.

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